Seaway Invincible - Vessel information
Class I DP ROV support vessel
The Seaway Invincible is a sister ship to the Seaway Rover. Originally built as a stern trawler for North Sea operations, she was converted to air diving and pollution response in the 1980'ies.
The ship was fitted with a dynamic positioning system, entered the North Sea market as an ROV survey support vessel in early 1991. As the Tidewater Invincible, she has successfully performed in the offshore market throughout the 90' ies and early 00'ies.
In 1998 the Seaway Invincible became part of the Stolt Offshore fleet. The ship has been outfitted with workclass and observation class ROV systems and is particularly suitable for inspection and construction support activities within the offshore oil and gas industry.
In May 2005, the ship was aquired by Hallstrom Holdings Pte Ltd and transferred to Seaway Offshore Limited in August 2006. The ship has nearly completed a very extensive repair and refit program and is expected to be ready in March 2008.
Seaway Invincible specifications


Length overall

71.3 m (235.3ft)

Breadth molded

12.0 m (39.7ft)

Depth molded

5.40 m (18.7ft)

Max Draught

9.2 m (30.4ft)

Operational Draught

5.4 m (17.8ft)

Gross tonnage

1311 t

Port of registry


Call sign



IRS (International Registry of Shipping)


DP Class 1

Cegelec GEC GEM80 MKII-302 including

Battery backup makes it totally independent of main power

Simrad HPR 309T

Simrad HiPAP (Gate valve fitted) Hipap not installed.

2 off Gyro

1 off VRU

2 off wind sensors


Single GEM 80 / 300 computer accepting individual reference inputs

ROV Follow

4kW UPS back up system


Clear deck area

240 m2

Loading capacity on deck

2.5 t/m

Fuel oil

170 m3

Fresh water

185 m3

+ Fresh water gen

10 m2/day


Aft deck:

1 Hydralift el-hyd. 10 t at 10 m

Fore deck:

1 Tico Marine el-hyd 1.1 t at 4.9 m


Aft deck:

2 Capstans port and starboard side at stern

Fore deck:

1 Windlass with capstans


2 AEG AC generators each 254 kW - 440V - 60Hz powered by 2 Deutz BA 6M 816UR diesel engines

2 Laurence Scott DC generators each 300 kW - 220V powered by 1 Deutz BA 8M 816UR and 1 Paxmann 8RDH diesel engine

1 Single screw CPP driven by Ruston 9ATCM developing 2160 BHP at 520 rpm

Forward Thruster: 1 retractable Aquamaster VL 631 azimuth direct powered by 1 Deutz BA 12M 816 diesel engine developing 548 kW

Capable of power the vessel with a speed of 4 knots

Stern Thruster: 1 Brunvoll 655BD electric DC driven tunnel thruster, powered from either of the DC generators, developing 254 kW

Cruising Speed 12 knots Fuel consumed / day 6 m3

Survey speed

2 3 m3

Stand by

0.75 1.25 m3

DP mode

2 - 5 m3


Total capacity 42 men, include sick bay with one bed

28 cabins including sick bay


Available for charter 29 beds



1 Harbour generator Deutz 6YDAZ developing 53 kW

2 Deck generators 300 KVA for ROV system


1 On line room 37 m2, 1 offline room 33 m2, 1 Client office 18 m2

Rooms fully air conditioned


1 off moontube 1.2 m diameter (HIPAP transd.)

1 off moontube 0.30 m diameter for LBL transducer


5 Liferafts totalling 85 persons

42 Immersion suits

50 Lifejackets